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 Aquatic Artworks


Landscapes & Sunsets


Beach and Shells


About the work. 

"How are these made??"

That's the question I get asked most when audiences see my work.  Each of my artworks is made using a traditional fabric art form called batik.

Relying on the application of hot, melted wax onto high quality cotton fabric, Batiks are created in a painstaking step-by-step process in which each layer of wax is applied, and the fabric is dyed to absorb color. Then once dry, another layer of wax is melted on to the fabric to protect the color, before it is then dyed in a new color and then repeated again! Unique hand-crafted designs only begin to take shape after many hours and many layers of wax have been applied to protect the colors underneath. He describes his artworks as “the world’s fanciest tie dye- just take out the rubber bands and use hot melted wax!”.  

Once completed, the wax layers are boiled off and the colorfast dyes all remain to create a beautiful image with amazing texture and an incredible surface quality. After many hours and many layers of wax and dye have been applied, his artworks emerge with a unique visual style which is highly detailed, but wildly different from traditional wildlife illustrations.  This unique batik process is what gives his traditional wildlife imagery such a distinctive and original look. 


Watch it Happen.

Wax is melted into the fabric.

Dye is soaked into the fabric.

Dye can't penetrate the wax.

Wax is melted out.

Design is permanently set. 

Chesapeake Bay, 2019


I originally went to school to study biology, but I guess I spent most of my time looking at the textbook illustrations, because I began spending more and more time in art classes working on my drawing skills. 

Wildlife and scientific illustration have always been interests of mine, and I'm developing my own personal craft every day. I like to think that my approach to scientific illustration is pretty unique. Even if I'll never match the artistry of the master illustrators of yesteryear, my goal is to continue integrating the precision of scientific illustration with the expression of more deeply personal artistry. 


I like that I can combine my passions of fishing, making art and spending time outdoors into a body of work that reflects my identity, my memories and my experiences.  I hope you enjoy looking in!

About me.


Leonardtown, MD 20650, USA

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