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Bay Fibers 

I started doing water quality tests over 30 years ago on Biscoe Pond right off the lower Patuxent River.  I'm pretty sure I could still give you an accurate dissolved oxygen count.  There's still thousands of miles of shoreline along the Chesapeake that I've yet to explore, but with each new destination I'm wondering what's in the water and wondering about the water itself.  It's something to cherish, and I believe it's something to conserve.  

Pay it Forward

  • Since 2018, I've donated a year-end portion of all original painting sales to organizations working to protect and restore our nation's largest estuary (typically CBF).  That total is growing!

  • Apparel sales: to offset the negative global impacts of garment production and fashion (I'm a small operation, but still conscious of the wider impact), I donate $1 from every apparel item as well.  

Why CBF?

For me, Eric, the owner of Bay Fibers Studio, the act of giving is one that involves supporting organizations which have been impactful on your life or your community.  That connection for me stretches all the way back to the summer between 6th and 7th grade.  I signed up for a CBF summer education program which would take me by water down the entire Maryland stem of the Chesapeake over two weeks.  The trip took me from the Susquehanna, all the way down to the legendary Fox Island, Smith Island and back down to Point Lookout (a few miles from home). There were many stories I still could share of an experience of the Chesapeake that left a lasting imprint.  

Now, with a Masters in education and years of teaching myself, I have an appreciation for the mission of CBF and its efforts in preserving the Chesapeake by involving not just policy, but people.  

With that in mind, I recognize that there are a number of other important grass roots organizations making conservation happen, so keep an eye out for other benefits.  Have a conservation collaboration you want to discuss? Reach out

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