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Growing up on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, I've spent a great deal of time on the water fishing.  Much of my imagery is inspired by species common in the Chesapeake at various points throughout the year, Atlantic sport fish, and well as other aquatic life often found in and around the bay.

Walleye, 2019
Brook Trout
SOLD- Striped Bass, 2019
Summer Flounder, 2019
30x40, Framed in Oak
SOLD- Yellowtail, 2017
32x20 Framed in Red Oak
SOLD- Dorado, 2015
32x20 Framed in Red Oak (Unavailable)
SOLD- Red Drum, 2018
32x20 Framed in Red Oak
SOLD- Breaking Trout, Blue, 2016
16x20 Framing Available
SOLD- Largemouth Bass, 2015
32x20 Framed in Red Oak
Breaking Trout, Green, 2016
16x20, Framing Available
Lined Seahorse, 2017
20x32, Framing Available
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