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12 hours??!! Funded??!

Did someone say ChYESapeake?? Time to gas up the truck (can I borrow a Tesla??), 100 Shirts, 100 Shores went live today and reached its funding goal- in under 12 hours! Thank you to everyone who helped me understand how much this is a project worth talking about. It's just getting started. There's still plenty of room for early backers to get a rad swaggy shirt.

Again, thank you to all of you. I suspect most of you reading this started following the project when it was in pre-launch, which turned out to be immensely helpful when Saturday came around. Just clicking the launch button on that page, to start what in some ways felt like a high-stakes, grown up popularity contest was surprisingly stressful.

Why am I telling you? I guess as a backer of the project, you’re a partner of sorts in this, and my thinking is you actually have an interest in hearing about the behind the scenes happenings of the project. But as I said in the project story, this is my first Kickstarter rodeo. If you’re a Kickstarter backing veteran and you’re thinking “why is this guy messaging me, that’s not how this works…” let me know, and I’ll cool it. In the near future regardless, expect a project update on the project page at some point this week.

Speaking of timeline, we’re still in very early stages, with most of the creative work set to begin after the funding campaign ends. So if there’s certain things you’d like to see or hear about in the updates, sneak peeks, demos, etc., let me know. I’m also open for suggestions regarding where to collect water samples. I can’t make any guarantees, but I’ve already started plotting a chart (a project update for down the road?), and if you have any special locations, I really want to hear the stories. I’ve already heard a few from some of you, and they’re really resonating with the theme of connectivity.

So that’s all for now. Thanks for making my weekend a memorable one. If I can end with one last favor to ask- if you’re at the water cooler on Monday and the topic of what YOU did this weekend comes up, feel free to tell them you backed a Kickstarter campaign and helped make it a reality.

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