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Light as a Feather @ Annmarie Gardens

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Despite enduring one session of extreme rain, and one session of extreme heat, I'd say we're off to a pretty good start! We have 10 of the 20 community made banners underway, some have already reached their second immersion. You can really start to see how the process takes shape over time when the colors start to layer on top of each other. Here's a rundown of where all the banners are at, and any notes about where they might be heading. Have an idea? Drop me a line at, or send me a message @bayfibers on Instagram. We still have plenty more to do... one intrepid group asked about taking charge of an entire banner which you'll see in banner number 8, so if you have a great idea for a theme, and you'd like to bring it to life on one of the banners, run it by be!

Upcoming sessions on site are Sunday, 8/22 from 12-4, and Saturday, 8/28 from 12-4 again.

Banners 1, 2, and 3 started in a lemon yellow dye. So keep in mind they all were the exact same color at one point! It came out much brighter than I would have normally expected! You can see the way each of them diverged after that. Banner 1 had most of the yellow covered with ALOT of wax, and went into a turquoise. So it's still mostly yellow. Banner 2 went into a fuchsia red color and gave us the nice orange, while Banner 3 went had the birds covered in wax and then went into the turquoise giving us a lot of green. So banner 1 and 3 were basically reversed.

Banner 1: Thanks to our first trailblazer, this banner got off to an awesome start with some real inspired designs. You can see the heavy crackling in the piece from waxing over the first layer of yellow. There will sure be some surprises when the wax comes off I'm sure.

Banner 2: We waxed over the yellow parts we wanted to preserve, and had some new guests add in some new yellow parts before dyeing the fabric in a fuchsia. You can see parts of the fabric absorbed more of the fuchsia (see the bottom corners) giving it a redder hue. This one could still go into a deeper red... not sure yet if it will...

Banner 3: Classic double primary color pattern. Started yellow and went into blue to give us all the green. The green is very rich in person. This one might go into an olive green, but again, I'm not sure yet.

Banner 4, 5, 6: These three pieces all started in a turquoise dye bath, you can still see that color in banner 4 which hasn't made it into it's second bath yet. The other two banners went into an indigo blue (real indigo, not the imaginary rainbow indigo), which is a little deeper color in person.

Banner 4: Thanks for braving the heat on these birds! I think the plan for these is to head into a fuchsia for some purple hues, but I'm open to suggestions!

Banner 5: Thank you to the intrepid group of youngsters who were brave enough to dive into unfamiliar territory and start this banner! The indigo was a new color, I bought it just for this project! I will definitely be using it more frequently! This piece might go into a darker navy, maybe into a yellow to get some deep greens.

Banner 6: I think we settled on a theme for this one! Love the blue on blue on white feathers throughout. It might stay just like this!

Banner 7: Two enthusiastic families got to try their hand at this one and the results did not disappoint! We'll be adding some more layers to this one for sure, so we'll see where it ends up!

Banner 8: Talk about a plan of action. This duo took the idea and ran with it. I hope they're coming back to keep working on it, they might just have to sign it when they're done!

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