Light as a Feather at Annmarie Gardens

4 months, 1

00s of volunteers, 100s of gallons of dye, a few hundred square feet of cotton canvas, hours, and hours, and hours. And hours. All the final test-fits are done, the panels are installed, the nests are built, the lights are bright and Light as a Feather is live!

I got the chance to give a few behind the scenes tours, and got the first images of the garden at night. "Whoa" is all I can say. The collaboratively made panels look great during the day, but the experience at night is a whole new vibe. The glow that they take on is stunning, and the subtle changes in light create color shifts in the panels themselves. The shifting creates a vibrancy and liveliness that really makes you stop and watch. "Lightness" is present in so many ways.

I've gotten a few good pics, and will continue to be adding more, but please feel free to send me some of your own. And if you were a participant in the creation process, please let me know what you think!

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