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POEM- One Winter Wind

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

One winter wind

Will end

This fall

Before its time

So stand and stare

as this event

Twists its way into the air

You can watch

As this


Falls at your feet

Then walk out

On the heels of that front

Through a spoilt opportunity

In search of old friends


Who made their homes

Have all flown for warmer weather

Did they leave

Before their time

When did they catch word of what’s to come?

Bear witness

As branches sway

And speak of aches

Now freed to their retirement

Giddy as they

Discuss their golden years

In bright anticipation

The younger ones

Talk of lights

While parents

Worry about the weight of coming snow

Lost leaves

Like loose pennies

Neglected and forgotten face down

Was the climax

In the change

Or was it

The moment of release

And the journey to the ground

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