Summer Falling Leaves

In time

Others will fall here

Where you have fallen

We will see many more

But it seems so very early

For you to concede your post

Yet you let down your guard

And here you are

So perhaps explain

In this unexpected fall

In this unexpected interchange

What it was you hoped to gain

When you so suddenly fell by my side

Causing me to glare

Not at you in your every averageness

But at that pinhole ripping through your shield

Allowing in the enemy

Now aimed squarely at my forehead

Don’t look at me

As you lay there silently

You discarded mitten

Look up instead

To your brothers

And sisters in the sky

They all gaze down on you

And slowly

Shake their heads

I think they whisper about you

In this oppressive air

Did you expect

Your average color

Yellow underside exposed

To impress me?

In this time

And on this site


You false prophet

Of the fall

Of the changing of the guard

I’ve seen this before

In my years

And I will not be fooled

So here I will go

And continue to sweat