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The old squaw. A beautiful and elegant looking bird with a voice that will surprise you. The males have the two characteristic tail feathers that put a pintail to shame. Long tailed ducks have the surprising ability to dive deeper than most other birds, and actually use their wings to push them deeper towards the bottom in search of crustaceans or sea grasses.


The long tail duck visits some of the islands and marshes of the Chesapeake during winter months. For years, we would visit a hunting lodge on a small marshy island near Blackwater National Refuge. Over the years, the habitat has been rapidly disappearing and many of the small islands which we visited are no longer there.

Long Tailed Duck

  • 20"x30"

  • Choosing a finishing style:

    Each piece is in a finished state as it is represented in the images, however some collectors prefer a glazed or slightly glossy appeareance which gives the image a bit more of a flat, painterly feel.  Others prefer to highlight the natural fibers of the art form.  There is no difference in price and no difference in longevity, the glazing is done free of charge if selected.

    Without Glazing - This is the option prefered by collectors who appreciate the qualities of my work as a fiber art form.  The emphasis is on the artwork's physical qualities and the unique texture you get from the batik process.  The piece is stretched over a piece of sturdy hardboard much like a  canvas on board painting but is not sealed in order to emphasize the fibers.

    Mounted and Glazed - The piece is permanently mounted on a sealed hardboard using clear acrylic polymer, then glazed with a semi glossy finish.  This finishing is prefered by collectors who appreciate the work for the subject and the imagery, and emphasizes the illustrative properties of the piece.  

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