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If the bald eagle is America’s bird, the mallard might be the World’s bird. I look at them and see the similarities to us. They’re social birds who welcome other species into their dabbling. They find homes in cities, on farms, and on the water. And the men are always trying to impress the women. A pair of mallards dabbling in a marsh is a sight that always makes me feel content. There is a familiar comfort to the imagery they create in the landscape, and in how they add a calm sense of movement amongst the grasses, the sky and rippling water.

Mallard Hen

  • 18"x24"

  • Choosing a finishing style:

    Each piece is in a finished state as it is represented in the images, however some collectors prefer a glazed or slightly glossy appeareance which gives the image a bit more of a flat, painterly feel.  Others prefer to highlight the natural fibers of the art form.  There is no difference in price and no difference in longevity, the glazing is done free of charge if selected.

    Without Glazing - This is the option prefered by collectors who appreciate the qualities of my work as a fiber art form.  The emphasis is on the artwork's physical qualities and the unique texture you get from the batik process.  The piece is stretched over a piece of sturdy hardboard much like a  canvas on board painting but is not sealed in order to emphasize the fibers.

    Mounted and Glazed - The piece is permanently mounted on a sealed hardboard using clear acrylic polymer, then glazed with a semi glossy finish.  This finishing is prefered by collectors who appreciate the work for the subject and the imagery, and emphasizes the illustrative properties of the piece.  

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