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St. Mary's River (Northern Branch)

38° 14' 17" N 76° 29' 56"




Water collection from the St. Mary's River location with enough to make 10 shirts from the above coordinates.  This shoreline was visited as part of an education program sponsored by the St. Mary's County Arts Council and Chesapeake Charter School Alliance. Water collected from the same location on the St. Mary's River was used for education programming and will be used to create 10 additional shirts as part of the One Hundred Shores Project. 25% of the sales of these 10 shirts will be donated to support Chesapeake Charter School's Field Studies program, and 25% donated to support SMCAC High School Scholarship program.


100% ringspun cotton

Hand dyed with batik outline of Chesapeake Bay on front of T-shirt.

Indigo Blue (as pictured)
DMS coordinates from the shore location are marked on the bottom hem. 


Hand dyed cotton shrinks, especially over time and with repeated washing.  Even pre-shrunk shirts like these will shrink, but shrink less.  You can safely assume that the shirt which will be delivered to you will have been washed a minimum of three times by me throughout the process, including both hot and cold treatments.  

If you like a looser fit, and, in fact, unless you like a very slim/ athletic fit, I would DEFINITELY recommend ordering a size up.  



Allow up to eight weeks for delivery! Please keep in mind that the 100 Shores is a project, and not a one stop product.  The evolution of the project is taking place over phases.  Rest assured I will be directly in contact with you after you reserve a shirt, in order to give you a better idea of the specifics related to your shirt.  

Any questions? PLEASE email/ chat.  I'm always happy to discuss the project, or any of my work for that matter!

St. Mary's River Edition

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