How can we support wildlife together?

I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay- one of the worlds largest estuaries and a critically important habitat.  It's home to over 300 species of fish, plus 100's of different species of birds and waterfowl.  And a lot of people.  

People like me, my friends, my family and my friends' families.  Many of my clients who collect my work- and maybe you!- also live in the Chesapeake watershed.  Collectively, we can all say we care about the water here. 


I've seen the shorelines change over the years, and the water quality ebb and flow through the summer just like the tides.  Some years the surface is blanketed with jellyfish.  Last year they never showed up.


The Chesapeake is a complex ecosystem, and we depend on it for many different reasons.  If it weren't for my connection to the water here, I wouldn't be making these illustrations that I'm making.  That's why I want to support the Chesapeake through my work as an artist. 

What that means is 

1. For EVERY print you buy, I will donate $1.00 of your print price to local and regional wildlife and Chesapeake conservation organizations.  

2. For every original painting you buy or commission, I will donate 5% to support the Chesapeake. 

Depending on the current state of the bay, I make changes to which organization I'm donating towards.  You can join my email list below to receive periodic updates on where donations are going! 

Artists make the world a more beautiful place!  Together, I hope we can make your home where you are, AND my home here on "The Bay" more beautiful places for years to come.  

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