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Why not one of the other options?

I know how many trophy reproduction options are available for sportsmen and women today.  So what's the difference between my work and what else in available? The trademark style - I stand by my work as the most unique wildlife artworks available on the market today.  Check out The Gallery and I think you'll agree.


Commissioning a one of a kind piece from Bay Fibers is an investment, not a cost.  That being said, you'll find that my prices are comparable (and often better) when compared to the other options avaialable.

2-D paintings/ drawings

Marine wildlife artists are some of the most accomplished painters in the world of fine art.  While their skill and talent are unparalleled, it's hard to stand out among the crowd.  

What sets my work apart is the trademark style and distinguished look.  Commissioning a piece from Bay Fibers Studio is instantly recognizable, and imprints a memory on audiences that won't soon be forgotten. 

Fiberglass Replicas

A fiberglass replica looks great, and has an eye-catching shine.  But it's still a fiberglass replica.  There's no real value held in a mass produced model cast from a reused blank mold.  

My pieces come to you as an investment.  They hold the same personal value to you, and then some.  

Skin Mounts

Traditional taxidermy produces the most life-like results (naturally!), but skin mounts tend to fade, flake and are brittle over time.  Plus they can give off oils that cast unpleasant aromas.  A traditional taxidermy mount has a place in some cabin homes, but maybe not back in your office. 

In addition, as a catch and release fisherman, my work supports conservation and can be done with just a photo and some basic measurements.