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Aquatic, Wingshooting, & Wildlife Expertise

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Every year, sporting enthusiasts of all ages with the same passions for the outdoors share the same sentiment with me “I’m looking for something special.”  Sportsmen and women on the whole are a discerning bunch, in search of the top quality gear and tackle for their sport.  


For my work, I figure it means that my potential collectors are particular about many things- whether it’s their fly rod, their camo pattern, or their next destination. I figure that we, in general, also appreciate the finer parts of home as well. So we look for opportunities for harmony in both.  And that is what Bay Fibers Studio offers.  


Some collectors say they’re looking for  something that stands apart from the traditionally executed fiberglass mold or watercolor illustration.  After all, a boldly colored full size fiberglass mold is still just a fiberglass mold.  Others are looking to combine a memorable experience with a valuable investment in an original work of art with deep personal meaning.  While others see the opportunity to bring their love for the outdoors into their homes, where a taxidermied largemouth just doesn’t fit.  


I believe that in every moment when a fish comes up over the gunwales onto deck, there’s a uniqueness in that occasion.  Because of that, I work to create the most distinct, one-of-a-kind trophy commissions that are as unique as the memory itself.  The singular style of A Bay Replica stands out as a testament to lived experience, and as an icon of fine quality.


Today, Bay Fibers Studio artworks abide in people's lives because they deliver on the promise of contemporary aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship.  A new work from my studio feels tactile and turns heads.  It continues to deliver new discoveries in its intricate details, while being rooted in familiar imagery which feels timeless on your wall. 


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I specialize in wildlife imagery, especially aquatic life of all shapes & sizes, waterfowl, and upland birds.  In addition, I have a thorough portfolio of landscapes and seascapes including nautical imagery.  My past client work also includes pet portraits, florals and portraiture as well.

I work at a variety of sizes.  For trophy illustrations, I typically work at 20x32 (extended), 24x36 or 30x40. 

Life size replicas available at request up to 8' (yes, eight feet!).



1. First, start by getting in touch- either by requesting a free quote or consult below. We'll need to confirm all the details of your new work, while going beyond the basics to determine your overall goals/ intentions, and the decor/ aesthetic you have in mind.  
2. I'll provide you with a quote of the services, and an outline/ sketch of the work. If you have a room to match, I can provide you with a free mockup of your room with a similarly matched image to give you a feel for the space.  
3. I begin work with a 20% deposit (payable through invoice or direct payment).  I'll provide you with an update when your painting is nearing its halfway point, at which point another 30% is requested in order to finish work. 
4. After work is completed, the final piece will be prepared and photographed to be reviewed by you. After you've approved the final image, I'll invoice you for the remainder of the services.
5. The final finishing will be done to your specifications, including stretching, mounting, sealing, & framing.  (SEE BELOW)
5.  Your work will be securely packed and shipped, ready to be hung out of the box!



My collectors are brought together from different interests and backgrounds.  My work exists in a unique place as both fine art and trophy replicas.  Some patrons want to appreciate the piece for it's place in contemporary arts.  Others collect my work for the expressive illustrative content.  I cater to the intentions of my clients, and offer different finishing options based on your goals.  No matter your place, the finishing of your piece is done with careful attention to preservation and conservation, backed up by leading authorities on art conservation.

Cost & Timing


My process is as unique as the finished piece itself.  The determining factor to completing a piece is mostly based on the number of colors, and level of detail, as opposed to the size of the work.  The hours that go into each piece are spread not only over the time spent on the surface itself, but also in the carefully controlled dyeing, soaking, and drying of the piece in between each stage.  With that in mind, as a general guide, medium size pieces in the 20"-30" range typically cost $600-700.  The turnaround time is usually 2-4 weeks, depending on schedule.