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The Butterfly Trail Story (Ch.4~The Swallowtails)

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Continuing the reblog from the instagram story I'm posting on my feed. Check out @bayfibers on Instagram

The Tiger Swallowtail

The tiger Swallowtail: Design number 7 for trail- read more of the story👇

The project story pt.10:

Not much left to say at this point besides say that I've saved my personal favorites for last. Yeah, monarchs are great and everything, they make the most incredible journey across the continent (thank you wild Kratts), but the swallowtails are where it's at for me. I think they like my garden better. Stay tuned for the last design!

The Zebra Swallowtail

The Zebra Swallowtail: Design number 8 on the trail and the last of the butterfly designs!

The project story part 11:

If you twisted my arm, it'd still be hard to pick out my number 1 favorite design, but I can break them down by colors. This was my favorite that used the blue background, due to the streaking and the color gradients. In the greens, the Common Buckeye was definitely my favorite just because of all the radical colors in the butterfly itself (it was one of the most challenging because of the color scheme- read the rest of the project story to find out why that matters!). And for the yellows, it's a toss up. I love the Checkerspot for the Maryland pride, but I love the monarch, because we collect them in our garden!

The project story pt. 12

The end... or is it??

This project was rewarding in its own right. Being able to do a major installation in both scope and impact, and doing it so close to home, was an experience that will continue to resonate with me for a loooong time. But one of the great benefits on top of that was the way this project has branched out into future work! I'll be putting my skills to the test this fall with even more public art installations, and this time, there's community involvement! If the project story grabbed your attention and you want to learn more, come to Annmarie Garden to participate in the next banner project- you'll be able to add your own touch to the creation of the pieces! Check the website here for upcoming dates!

Follow more about the Butterfly Trail story @bayfibers oh, and prints are up in the shop,

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