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The Butterfly Trail Story (Ch.1~ The Monarch & the Checkerspot)

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

This is the beginning of a reblog from the instagram story I'm posting on my feed. Check out @bayfibers on Instagram

The Monarch

The monarch- the first one I made for the butterfly trail in Leonardtown, md.

Read the story 👇

The project story pt.1:

The butterfly project started in my mind on a jog through town in the very early part of the spring. The theme of reemergence had been on my mind into the beginning of 2021, not just looking forward to the spring, but obviously looking back at hibernating through 2020. But butterflies wasn't the original idea! What was it? Find out in the project story pt.2 next time!

The Baltimore Checkerspot

The Baltimore Checkerspot- number 2 on the buttery trail in downtown leonardtown. See the first in my profile or 👇to read the story.

The project story pt 2.

The Checkerspot is one of the 8 butterfly designs I created for downtown Leonardtown, MD. The theme of butterflies has been recently adopted as a symbol for the town, and Maryland's official state insect was a natural choice for inclusion in the project. Native species are a recurring theme in my work, but my original idea for the town involved a series of native plants and flowers connected to the theme of reemergence in spring. The switch to butterflies was a natural connection for me, the project and the town, and the results speak for themselves! Stay tuned for more of the story and the next species in part 3 of the story!

The project story pt 3:

There's a lot of things I love about my work, but one thing I hate? SEWING.

By the numbers:

18= yards of duck canvas

1600~ yards of upholstery thread

12= number of broken needles

240= linear feet of hemmed fabric

6`{9°×¶∆7)7= number of cuss words

Follow more about the story @bayfibers oh, and prints are up in the shop,

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