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What's the Buzz About?

Well that was pretty awesome~ Thank you supportive people for creating more than a little buzz (or I guess a splash?) about my little project. The project actually shot up into the top 10 of the Kickstarter list for upcoming art projects, which is more than a little crazy.

There’s 18 trillion gallons of water in the Chesapeake. What if we took 6 cups of that water and used it to make something unique. Then 6 more cups to make another. Then 6 more again. And what if every time we borrowed the water (it’s going to make it back eventually), it came from a place we’ve never been before. What kind of story could we tell?

100 Shirts, 100 Shores, will tell this story, and hopefully a lot of other stories along the way. 100 hand dyed t-shirt from 100 different water samples collected from 100 different locations across the Chesapeake watershed.

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