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24" round

Batik on Cotton

Mounted and sealed on panel

This edition of canvasback profiles feathers are real head turners.

Set your scope on a hunt for modern wildlife art, and bag one or more of this special edition of canvasback duck paintings! A unique set of five, original duck paintings- Each one exemplifies the impressive stature and poise of these iconic drakes. Sure to stand out on any wall.

Each piece is mounted and sealed on panel using professional grade acrylic medium and picture varnish. Each piece is handmade and full of small intricate details. Perfect for art lovers who appreciate something truly special, add something unique to your collection with these stunning artwork pieces.

These small edition original artworks are also a great starting point for collectors interested in adding original, contemporary art to their home without breaking the bank. Start your road to the wild unknown with one of these Mallard Feathers— while they last!

Canvasback, first edition

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