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Red Drum are a popular sport fish in the lower Potomac River. They’re one of those fish that link Mid-Atlantic and Chesapeake inshore fishing to the salt-water stalking of southern fisheries in the Carolinas and Florida.

The fishing methods are a bit different, typically trolling or jigging in deeper pockets, but the tug is the same. Pulling in a big bull drum with its unique fingerprint pattern of dark spots is at the top of the list for many recreational and sport fishers.

A dramatic piece that will grab attention in your home or office, “Red Drum" measures 30"x40", mounted, sealed and varnished on panel. Photo shows the matte varnish under direct light.  Pricing includes local delivery in the Maryland/DMV area. With framing, wired and ready to hang in your home or office. Without frame to match your own decor.

SOLD - Red Drum, 2022

  • 30"x40"

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