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For a lot of people, little panfish like these are their first introductions to fishing.  I never did much freshwater fishing growing up though, with most of my early fishing being for croaker, spot and perch.    Now, I love the get up and go simplicity of it.  Shore fishing for bluegill and other panfish is hard to beat when you just want to scratch an itch and catch that fish.

Finding little panfish spots like this one on Wheatley Lake is part of the fun, though.  It’s not overly complex fishing, but once they start hitting the ultra light rod, the mood sets in as the hooks set in. 


A dramatic piece that will grab attention in your home or office, “Redbreast Sunfish" measures 30"x44", mounted, sealed and varnished on panel. Photo shows the matte varnish under direct light.  Pricing includes local delivery in the Maryland/DMV area. With framing, wired and ready to hang in your home or office. Without frame to match your own decor.

SOLD- Redbreast Sunfish, 2022

  • 30"x44"

  • Choosing a finishing style:

    Each piece is in a finished state as it is represented in the images, however some collectors prefer a glazed or slightly glossy appeareance which gives the image a bit more of a flat, painterly feel.  Others prefer to highlight the natural fibers of the art form.  There is no difference in price and no difference in longevity, the glazing is done free of charge if selected.

    Without Glazing - This is the option prefered by collectors who appreciate the qualities of my work as a fiber art form.  The emphasis is on the artwork's physical qualities and the unique texture you get from the batik process.  The piece is stretched over a piece of sturdy hardboard much like a  canvas on board painting but is not sealed in order to emphasize the fibers.

    Mounted and Glazed - The piece is permanently mounted on a sealed hardboard using clear acrylic polymer, then glazed with a semi glossy finish.  This finishing is prefered by collectors who appreciate the work for the subject and the imagery, and emphasizes the illustrative properties of the piece.  

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